Smokeless UB program gets new name and wider scope

After failing to get its Smokeless Ulaanbaatar program approved in the Spring session of Parliament, the Government has now made some changes in it, following suggestions from a working group established for the purpose, to make it more acceptable to MPs. The program is now called New Construction, to emphasize that its goal is to boost various types of construction in all parts of Mongolia -- infrastructure, city development, energy, engineering and roads. More apartments will be built and jobs created, giving a fillip to the economy, and creating clean and safe living conditions.
The program also aims to regulate people’s migration to urban centers, particularly the capital city, develop regional centers, and improve administration of smaller cities. The larger goal is to reduce the difference between cities and rural areas. In this the program now has a wider scope than the earlier one which focused on reducing the air pollution in Ulaanbaatar.
It now has eight parts and will proceed in two stages. The first phase, from 2010 to 2012, will see construction of schools, hospitals, kindergartens, professional training and industrial centers, sports complexes and trading centers. Migration to Ulaanbaatar will be controlled when the regions have access to better education and health services, and more employment opportunities. Care would be taken to ensure that this development does not lead to further pollution. Use of coal will be reduced and modern technology will be introduced to tackle air pollution, the level of which should be brought down by no less than 60 percent by 2013.
Source: Ardiin Erkh
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