PM back in Ulaanbaatar after 3-week tour of 9 provinces

Prime Minister S.Batbold returned to Ulaanbaatar on Sunday after a three-week tour of 70 districts in nine western and central provinces. Everywhere he went, he held meetings with local people and explained to them policies, programs and achievements of the Government, before asking them to come out with their suggestions and grievances.
Before leaving for Ulaanbaatar at the end of his 5,600-km trip, the Prime Minister talked to media in Uvurkhangai province. He said he had enjoyed his interaction with common people away from the capital, and was struck at all his meetings with them by their resilience and optimism, even in the face of adversity like the dzud.
He had told people that thousands of new employment positions will need to be filled as grand projects start taking off and industrial complexes begin to come up. However, only those with proper and adequate vocational training will be considered for these jobs, so facilities for such training must be expanded. Small and medium enterprises will continue to be encouraged, mainly in the livestock products sector which needs many more processing units to add value to the raw material. Despite the financial crisis, the Government has spent about MNT100 billion in the past two years to provide credit to SME entrepreneurs. Much more is needed, and talks are being held with the Japanese government for a grant of USD50 million. All levels of the administration, including those in the provinces, must work to reduce poverty through generating employment, he said.
He also said that he had explained to herders the benefits for them to come from the proposed commodity exchange. Herders faced several problems such as limited marketing facilities and complained that too many middlemen in the milk and meat trade kept the profits of the primary producers low. The government will pay more attention to bring suppliers and consumers closer. A concessional loan of USD200 million is being discussed with China for livestock husbandry.
Source: Zuunii Medee
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