Former State Secretary to spend 4 years in jail

Former State Secretary at the Ministry of Trade and Industry D.Surenkhor has been sentenced to 7 years in jail for misappropriating MNT91.3 million from the State in 2005. He had then fled the country. However, the amnesty law will apply in his case as the crime was committed before December 31, 2006, which means he will be released after 4 years. The judge also gave him less than the maximum punishment because this was his first offense, and also because he showed contrition and also paid back the money.
Mr. Surenkhor admitted he took the money from the construction repair budget to meet his personal needs, but deplored the many wrong media reports. For example, he said he had returned to Mongolia on his own accord and had not been arrested in Austria after an Interpol alert. He apologized for his mistake and pleaded for clemency because he had two children and was in poor health.
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