Government meets today at "Deserted" spot in Gobi

Prime Minister S.Batbold concludes his 5-day tour of the Gobi provinces in Umnugobi on August 27 when he chairs a special Government meeting at a place called Gashuun Khooloi. The spot was chosen as it is experiencing extreme desertification and the Government meeting away from the capital has been decided upon to draw people’s attention to climate change and environmental damage.

Earlier in the week, during his visit to Dundgobi, Dornogobi and Umnugobi provinces, the Prime Minister stopped at several places to see the progress of several projects, both State and private. These included a vocational training and service center, an organization involved in greenhouse cultivation and dairy farming, the exploration sites of Areva, the oil refinery at Zuunbayartsagaan, Oyu Tolgoi, Erdenes MGL, and Tavan Tolgoi. He also visited Gashuusukhait, the port through which coal from Oyu Tolgoi and Tavan Tolgoi goes to China. The port daily deals with 600 trucks, each carrying 70-80 tons of coal, and needs more space and manpower.

Source: Ardiin Erkh



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