DP election shows women ready to join politics

The way the Democratic Women’s Association chose a new head earlier this month gives us hope that some things could be changing, and for the better, in the political arena of this country. Ms. Ts.Oyungerel took over from Ms. B.Delgermaa, who decided to step down after seven years in the job. The DP National Committee had sent a list of seven names from whom the party’s women’s wing was to choose its head. Three did not wish to contest, and one was absent, so the choice came down to three and  Ms.Oyungerel polled the most votes among them.
Mongolian politics is totally dominated by men, who have distinguished themselves by their capacity to make deals. Women have been so much of a rarity that it used to be said the DP could not find anybody willing to lead its women’s wing, one reason why Ms. Delgermaa held the job for so long. Now we find three women keen on the position and ready to fight for it. While presenting their program to the delegates, all three spoke about their commitment to the gender equality law, more women’s participation in politics, and a larger quota of women candidates for election to Parliament.
It is strange that while there is no blatant gender inequality in Mongolian society and there are as many distinguished women as men in most professions, the number of women MPs should be falling from election to election. The present Parliament has only three of them, the fewest ever. The DP experience shows women have rolled up their sleeves and the next parliamentary election might be different. Reports also show how much interest the election generated in the party, and not just among its women members. Delegates said Ms. Oyungerel had won their support solely on the strength of her program, which she explained lucidly and defended with conviction. Such qualities are not often seen in our male MPs. Let us now wait to see how the MPRP’s Association of Democratic Socialist Women chooses its head.
Source: Udriin Sonin
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