Ex-President feels July 1 was a conspiracy by both parties

Former President N.Enkhbayar has deplored the decision of the two principal parties to form a coalition, denying the country a responsible opposition force so essential to democracy. “They came together for profit, and not for any principle,” he has said, adding that the real goal is to keep a monopoly control over power. Denying suggestions that he does not want to leave the political limelight and seeks to remain on stage with interviews, he has said the media ask him for his views as “it seems the people want to hear them more than anybody else’s”. He enjoys “the freedom that I no longer have to give speeches as part of my duty to the Government or the party and can now express opinions freely”, and feels he has “a duty to the nation, to give fair warning that when mistakes are made”, as his “only concern now is the greater truth, beyond partisan interests and gain”.
Mr. Enkhbayar is opposed to the MPRP seeking a new ideological thrust, and says, “A party is a living organism and its lifeblood is its ideology. Changing that is likely to lead to death.” He sees “no reason to change our leftist stand, but the ideology should be kept moderate and not allowed to get extreme” and feels “occupying the leftist space is vital to lead the country to a correct and bright future”. The two main parties “should stick to their own separate ways, principles and ideology”, offering people a choice during elections.
At hindsight and after much reflection, Mr. Enkhbayar now “suspects” that the July 1 incidents were the results of a joint conspiracy, that “the two parties had joined hands to organize the demonstration to keep the charges about the election alive”, and adds, “Those directly or indirectly involved do not like my saying this, but this is what I have concluded, and…since the time the coalition was formed people have been convinced of the complicity of both parties in the entire conspiracy.”
Source: English.News.mn
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