Pollution fines will go into Clean Air Fund

The Ministry of Environment and Tourism is finalizing the rules and regulations that will govern the implementation of the Air Law passed in the Spring session of Parliament and of another law setting out “penalties” for contributing to air pollution. These penalties are actually charges that individuals as well as economic entities will pay for using air pollutants, not necessarily by choice. The fines will be deposited in a Clean Air Fund, to be spent on adopting and publicizing anti-pollution measures, and on supporting producers of environment-friendly fuel and stoves.
Users and sellers of raw coal and other waste producers will be charged by the kilo, and automobile owners by the distance they travel. The charges for raw coal will be MNT1-2 for a kilo and for organic substances MNT10-30. Automobiles will be categorized and the charges would vary between MNT1,000 and MN9,000.
Ulaanbaatar will have a clean air zone covering 12 sub-districts in three districts where 25,000 households will no longer burn coal. The substitute fuel, containing processed wood, will not be more expensive than coal or less effective in heating but it cannot be used in wider areas as production is as yet limited.
Source: English.News.mn
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