Cameras fail to deter traffic offenses, but scare street criminals away

The Traffic Emergency Information Center, opened some time ago amidst high expectation, has claimed that installation of security cameras on streets, ostensibly meant to monitor traffic, has unexpectedly led to a drop in street crimes like drunken brawls, assaults, and robbery. Daily cases of assault around the Narantuul ‘black” market have come down from 15-20 to 2-3. However, this is true only of areas covered by cameras.
These cameras can also be of help in apprehending those who commit a crime at night and flee, but this will require more coordination between various wings of the police. So far the center has helped police with 70 recordings of criminal acts. Here, too, the problem could well be that security cameras cover only the main streets while violence and robbery are more likely to happen in the back streets.
The center has been more effective in dealing with traffic problems, such as reducing jams and identifying violations. It cannot give details on how they pursued the cases until it hires more manpower.  Some 10,000 such offenses were caught in camera during August, but the center is yet to decide what action to take and how. This inaction is perhaps making drivers bolder, but the center says since it has the evidence safely stored, it will come back to all offenders once the modalities are in place.
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