Compensation claims for license cancellation will be thoroughly checked, says MP

The Forest and Water Board in The Ministry of Nature, Environment and Tourism has so far identified 6,959 spots in 109 areas of 18 provinces as being part of a river basin or forest where the law says there cannot be any mining-related activity, a working group to help implement the law heard on Tuesday.
MP B.Bat-Erdene of the group later told media that they were concerned about how to keep the areas free of ninjas or artisanal miners, as all efforts to regulate them have failed so far.
There was also the problem how much of an area under license has to be part of a forest to extend the ban there. “Should we stop mining if only 6-8% of the licensed territory is woodland? And just how far does any water basin extend?” he asked and hoped things will be clarified.
Asked where the money for the legally mandated compensation would come from, the MP said all claims would be carefully scrutinized and all details of expenses that are to be reimbursed will be checked for justification.  The compensation would be paid in phases. The Mines Ministry feels the amount could total USD 6-7 billion or MNT7-8 trillion. The special license of 890 economic entities is likely to be canceled and 39% of them have already submitted compensation claims for MNT4.7 trillion.
Source: Ardiin Erkh
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