Human rights commission finds questions for trainees violate law

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has concluded that several questions Oyu Tolgoi LLC is asking those who wish to join its vocational training program are in violation of the labor law.  An applicant has to mention if he/she is member of a political party, and if yes, which party; and also to give details of any close relative who works for a State organization, or a fully or partly State-owned economic entity, or an international organization such as the UN, the Asian Development Bank or the World Bank.
The NHRC feels a company should not have such data. About 3,000 of the trainees are expected to be offered employment at the mine project, and their families would include 15,000 people, and relatives a much larger number. The issue came to light when some Oyu Tolgoi LLC employees drew the attention of the Parliamentary Human Rights Sub Council to the question about a month ago. The MPs referred the matter to the NHRC which has now concluded that the company’s questions violate the human rights of citizens guaranteed and also the labor law in several provisions.
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