No stock at all of snow melting substances

As snow piles on the streets and makes them slippery, officials at the Mayor’s office have found that the planning and service department in no Ulaanbaatar district has followed instructions to always keep in stock 30 tons of snow melting substances. It will be weeks before fresh supplies come, as a tender will be announced only on December 12. It will take some more days before the selected company can bring 140 tons of the substances from China.
However, salt and sand are in stock and 40 tons of the former were used in all districts, and 20 tons of the latter on the roads of Bayanzurkh and Songinokhairkhan districts. About 500 tons of salt is needed annually and the city has 130 tons of it at present.
It is planned to sprinkle 300 tons of very small crushed stones in December when sand will no longer be effective, sticking to the snow.
Source: Ardiin Erkh
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2010-12-04 07:54:57
This is an extremely important SAFETY ISSUE for all in UB requiring proper planning by municipal officials. Residents and visitors are already at much risk because of traffic congestion-related safety issues.