Prime Minister cancels visit to Britain

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs B.Bolor has said the Prime Minister canceled his visit to Britain scheduled to begin on November 27 as he could not leave the country when Parliament was to discuss the budget. This is going to fool no one as the date of the visit had been fixed with the full knowledge that the budget had to be passed before December 1. It has also been suggested that he wants to express Mongolia’s displeasure at the arrest of Mr. B. Khurts, Chief of Administration at the National Security Council, at Heathrow on September 17 and at the subsequent British refusal to release him despite Mongolian requests. It is difficult to understand why Mongolia should be displeased. After all, the Government has admitted that Mr. Khurts did forcibly abduct a man from French soil, and it is well known European nations value human rights. Can the real reason be that the Prime Minister was afraid the whole affair had given him a bad image and that he would not be able to answer questions in Britain? Official hints that the Prime Minister’s decision was meant to “assert our national dignity” hide the fact the real threat to this dignity lay in the fact that the Prime Minister would have been paying an official visit to Britain at a time when one of his seniormost officials was in prison there.
Source: Onoodor
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