Government steps to regulate "ninja" mining

The Government last week instructed the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy to devise ways to implement the order to regulate artisanal or “ninja” mining of small mines. The enforcement of the regulations will be the responsibility of the State Professional Monitoring Agency and Governors of provinces and districts. The order, covering 11 chapters and 36 provisions, is designed to restrict the scope of ninja activities, with a total ban on mining in water areas, and of ores containing radioactive elements, and of oil and natural gas.
It calls for such miners to form cooperatives and to work under legal agreements covering areas and means of mining ores, especially gold, and their subsequent processing and sale. A cooperative will get five hectares at most. It must have at least five members, none of whom can be included in another cooperative. Any agreement can be cancelled, even after it had been duly signed, if inspection reveals any damage to nature. Members of a cooperative failing to conduct proper post-mining reclamation will not be allowed to join a new cooperative.
Source: Ardiin Erkh
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