The Mayor’s Office is at work on a revised general development plan for Ulaanbaatar City to remain in force until 2030. The hope is to get it approved by Parliament before the 2012 elections. A major feature of the plan is to have 60%-70% of households in Ulaanbaatar living in apartments connected to the central engineering infrastructure network. This is a tall order, as 62% of total households at present live in ger districts, beyond that network, but the planners are confident the relocation is possible. Details are not available but some specialists who claim to know how the plan is being prepared are skeptical of its success as, they say, it depends on present figures and does not provide for continued migration from the countryside. The planners apparently hope that national plans for regional development will curb this trend of concentration in the capital. Critics also feel that the city authorities consistently ignore the presence in Ulaanbaatar of a sizable number of non-registered people from the provinces and make no provision for them.
Source: ResCap
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