The autumn session of Parliament ended on February 10, as prescribed by the law that is being followed from January 1. It had started on October 1, and finished 60% of the planned work, according to the Secretary of the Parliament Office, Mr. S.Magnaisuren.
Asked why so much remained undone, he told media that some draft laws, including those on police organizations and on advocates, could not be taken up because party groups wanted more time to consider them.  Discussion of several others, including those on the budget, on agricultural goods, and on the raw material exchange, was postponed because the views of budget organizations, citizens, particularly of herders, are being sought. About the draft law on elections, Mr. Magnaisuren said a designated group of MPs is still working on preparing a synthesis of two drafts. They also want to receive the opinion of the managing officials of political parties and analysts, and would also like to hold some public debate.
Source: Ardiin Erkh
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