Former President and Prime Minister N.Enkhbayar has returned to active politics after nearly two years. He was recently elected head of the 18th political party in Mongolia at a special conference of its members. They have named the party the Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party (MPRP), a name the major partner of the ruling coalition discarded in November to be known as the Mongolian People’s Party (MPP). It now remains to be seen if the Supreme Court will allow the name MPRP to be used by the new party, all of whose members were in what is now the MPP.
Mr. Enkhbayar was one of three candidates nominated by conference participants for the chairmanship. He received 687 of the 913 votes. Delegates at the two-day conference also elected four Secretaries and established a five-member Executive Committee. "I was never for the name change of the party and the MPP leadership has been against me for this," Mr. Enkhbayar said, "I will fight for justice as the party chairman."
Mr. Enkhbayar, who has publicly blamed former Prime Minister S.Bayar for colluding with other party leaders to ensure his defeat at the hands of Mr. Ts. Elbegdorj at the last Presidential election,  has since then made several attempts to come back into the power circle but has always been thwarted by his former colleagues. His new move could cause them some worry as many party oldtimers in the provinces have an emotional association with the name MPRP. Political observers foresee considerable realignment of political loyalties if the Supreme Court, most of whose members were nominated by Mr. Enkhbayar when he held power, decides to allot the name to the new party. The MPP has asserted that the use of its old name by the group would be illegal.
Source: The Mongolian media
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