In 2010, Mongolia earned more from its export of 18 million tons of coal than it did from selling copper concentrate. This year’s target for miners is 30 million tons of coal and to that end, the Mongolian Coal Association recently concluded a cooperation agreement with the Tianjin Coal Union in China to enable Mongolian coal companies to sell to southern Chinese provinces. This followed a recent visit to Tianjin port by a Mongolian coal mining team which held talks with officials of the port on several issues relating to transportation, processing of payments, and fixing coal price in line with world standards.
Apart from representatives of the coal association, those who participated in the talks included officials from the Ulaanbaatar Representative Office in Tianjin, and from the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy, the Mineral Resources Authority, Energy Resources LLC, Tavan Tolgoi LC, Erdenes MGL LLC, MAK LLC, Shariin Gol LLC, Hunnu Resources LLC, Taliin Gal LLC, Ilchit Metal LLC, Gan Ilch LLC and Sojitsu LLC.
Source: Undesnii Shuudan
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