The recently concluded alliance between the Green Party and the Civil Will Party has run into rough weather as the former canceled the membership of its former Chairman, Mr. D.Enkhbat, who was chosen to head the alliance. Long-time CWP leader and former Foreign Minister S.Oyun distanced herself and her party from the development, saying this was an internal matter of the Green Party.
“The GP suggested the alliance, saying this was the wish of the majority. If now the General Assembly of that party opposes the alliance, there would obviously be no alliance,” she said. She added, however, that it would be “shameful” if two parties that have only one seat each in Parliament cannot come together “to act as a strong opposition force”.  Rubbishing allegations that she had favored the alliance as a means to destroying the GP as a separate force, Ms. Oyun said, “This was never my intention and this is not the way I work.”
Source: Mongoliin Medee
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