The Executive Board of the Mongolian Stock Exchange took several important decisions at a meeting last Friday. It appointed Mr. Peter Morrow, Advisor to Khan Bank, Vice Chairman of the Board, and also set up two subcommittees. Mr. U.Ganzorig, Executive Director, Tenger Insurance will head the one on audit, while that on governance and promotion will be under Dr. Stefan Hanselmann, Project Director, GIZ. Earlier, Mr. R.Sodkhuu was  moved from the MSE to the Professional Inspection Agency, and Mr. Kh.Altai appointed Acting Executive Director. The choice of a permanent Director is likely to be made in April after the MSE and its collaborating partner, the London Stock Exchange, conclude the work plan for the next year.  Mr. Ch.Chinzorig, the State Property Committee official in charge of MSE, said they would prefer to have the Chief Executive from the London Stock Exchange.
Source:, Zuunii Medee
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