Oyu Tolgoi CEO Cameron McRae was in the team of senior industrial executives accompanying Prime Minister S.Batbold in his recent visit to the Railway Professional Training Center and the Mongolia-Korea Technical College. Training of workers is in the first phase in the program for construction of a 1,100-km railway from Tavan Tolgoi to Sainshand. Some 5,000 skilled workers are estimated to be needed for the construction, but the Center can accommodate just 400 students in a course. Mr. Batbold said that human resource development was essential for economic growth. He called for expansion of the training center, and for more intensive training courses, and asked the center authorities to cooperate with producers of material and equipment.
Mr. McRae briefed the Prime Minister on how Oyu Tolgoi LLC is running a program to train Mongolians in special skills to meet the manpower needs of industry. The program will run for the next three years and Oyu Tolgoi will meet its entire expenses of MNT 36 billion.  Altogether 3,300 youths will be trained in mining, construction and agricultural skills. A percentage of them will find employment at Oyu Tolgoi, but the rest will be utilized elsewhere.
The Prime Minister expressed his appreciation of the Oyu Tolgoi program and urged other companies and organizations to cooperate with Oyu Tolgoi so that work skills developed through the training program are put to efficient use, to the benefit of individual companies as well as the national economy.
Source: Onoodor,
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