Minister of Law and Internal Affairs Ts.Nyamdorj has explained his recent summary rejection of any need to amend the criminal law. His blunt opposition was mainly responsible for the decision of the Standing Committee on Justice not to proceed with consideration of draft amendments proposed by 12 members of Parliament, led by Mr. Sh.Saikhansambuu (MPRP).
Mr. Nyamdorj says the last amendment to the law, initiated by himself, among others, assures both citizens and the police of adequate protection and needs no tinkering with. He has recalled how he sought and received advice from local lawyers and foreign legal experts, particularly through the German organization GTZ, at that time. The merit of the measure, he says, is borne out by how all criticism and concern that “it will put all Mongolians in jail” have been shown to be unfounded. Mr. Saikhansambuu, however, asserted that many judges had told him they found several provisions of the current law to be too harsh and strict, and not in keeping with modern humane principles. The MP also pointed to the rising number of convictions on minor offences, that brands people, many of them young, as “criminals” and gives them no opportunity to reform themselves.
Mr.Nyamdorj has said there is nobody in the country who can suggest any actual improvement in the present criminal law. He called the draft “a document prepared by a hired brain and then signed by 12 MPs”. There is “no one in Mongolia who is knowledgeable and experienced enough to improve on what we did in 1998 and again in 2002”, he said.
Source: Zuunii Medee
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