Program Vice President Joe Biden in Mongolia

 National Security Advisor to the Vice President Tony Blinken explained:

        That then brings us to Mongolia, something we are very excited about.  This is, on one level, a truly historic visit.  I’m sure many of you will recall the last visit of a Vice President to Mongolia.  That was in 1944, when FDR’s Vice President Henry Wallace toured Asia and included a stop in Mongolia.  

        Mongolia offers an important example of a successful transition to a strong democracy and a partner with whom we’re expanding cooperation in a broad variety of diplomatic, economic, and defense areas.  Like China, this visit to Mongolia is a reflection of our broader effort to engage emerging powers as a way to build a secure, prosperous, and democratic Asia.  

        I think many of you know the Mongolian President Elbegdorj was here not too long ago.  He met with President Obama in the Oval Office in June.  And this trip builds on that important visit.

        So we arrive in Ulaanbaatar on the morning of August 22nd.  The Vice President meets with the Prime Minister and then with the President.  And the Mongolians are going to host a cultural display of traditional Mongolian sports for us.  I’m told that may include archery, wrestling, and horse racing.  And we’re looking forward to that.


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