U.S. VP Hopes to Boost Co-op in Renewable Energy with Mongolia

     2011-08-23 00:11:50     Xinhua       Web Editor: ZhangjinU.S. Vice President Joe Biden met with Mongolian Prime Minister Sukhbaatar Batbold and President Tsakhia Elbegdorj respectively on Monday, expressing his hope to cooperate with Mongolia in renewable energy."Energy supply is very essential for economic sustainability which is a main criterion of democracy," said Biden. "Mongolia has abundant renewable energy resources and the U.S. has advanced technology and rich experience. Our investors are interested in this sector," he said. During his meeting with Biden, Batbold thanked the United States for its decision to finance a 695,000-U.S. dollar project for preservation of historical and cultural relics in Mongolia. Biden appreciated Mongolia' contribution to international peacekeeping operations around the world. According to Mongolian tradition, Biden was given a horse on Monday by Mongolian officials as a welcome gift. Biden named the horse "Celtic" in remembrance of his Celtic roots. However, environmentalist groups staged a protest on the way of Biden's motorcade. The protesters held posters reading "Yankees keep your hands off Mongolia" and "Hi Joe, No Nuclear Waste, Go Home."After a six-hour stay in Mongolia, Biden headed to Japan, the last leg of his nine-day Asia tour which has taken him to China.

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