Job Fair 2011 Gate to Development and Employment

The 5th “Job Fair 2011” themed “Gate to Development – Employment” for students, alumni as well as returnees from developed countries will be jointly organized by Mongolian-German Bridge (MGB) with the National Committee for “A Year for Support of Employment” established by the Government of Mongolia within the framework of its announcement on “A Year for Support of Employment”.

The “Job Fair 2011” will be hosted by Mongolian-German Bridge in cooperation with the Council on Cooperation with the Citizens of Mongolia Living Abroad, the Ministry of Social Welfare and Labour, the Employment Information and Service Center of Mongolia, the Mongolian Employer’s Federation and the Centre for International Migration and Development of Federal Republic of Germany. The “Job Fair 2011” consists of the following two events:

  • 13 September: Conference “Gate for Development – Employment”
  • From 13 to 14 September: Job Mart “Take your chance”

Over 30 well-known national and international companies, organizations, and joint ventures will participate to offer attractive jobs with great career opportunities. About 500 middle-high level positions will be offered.

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