National Security Council discusses murder case of S.Zorig

On September 9, the National Security Council (NSC) discussed the case of S.Zorig, an MP and Minister for Infrastructure who was brutally murdered in 1998. The case is still unsolved. Prosecutor General D.Dorligjav and other officials spoke about the case before the NSC for the first time. 

MP S.Oyun, S.Zorigs sister, questioned why there has been no progress in the investigation, and questioned whether officials were even paying attention to the case. The NSC has not released further information about the discussion. The President’s website says the NSC will recommend legislation ordering organizations to reveal what they know about the case.

Zorig Sanjaasuren (MongolianСанжаасүрэнгийн Зориг, born 1962, murdered October 2, 1998) was a prominent Mongolian politician and leader of the country's 1990 democratic revolution. He was called the "Golden Magpie of Democracy".[1] His murder remains unsolved. After his death, his sister Oyuun entered politics and founded the Civic Will Party.


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