Former President of Mongolia N.Enkhbayar was sentenced 4 years of imprisonment

Yesterday night on August 02, 2012 another sensation boomed Mongolia, the State Prosecutor Yo.Sagsai introduced the verdict to the case of former President N.Enkhbayar after three days of court hearing at the Sukhbaatar District Court
N.Enkhbayar was found guilty for 5 main charges: (1) using TV equipments donated from Japan to a Mongolian Buddhist organization, Gandantegchinlen Monastery in order to establish his own television station TV9, (2) transporting his books via MIAT airlines without any charges, (3) involving in the illegal privatization of “Urguu” hotel, (4) defrauding a publishing house “Ulaanbaatar times” and (5) illegally supplying steel products to Erdenet Mining Corporation. 

(1) The court discarded the case related to transporting of 3,033 kg freight (books) through MIAT airlines free of charges.  
(2) Yet the Court identified that N.Enkhbayar when was serving as the Chairman of the MPRP grouping in the Parliament, he illegally seized the TV equipments worth of 119 million 534 thousand MNT on June 16, 2000 by abusing his powers and caused serious mischief and loss to the Gandantegchinlen Monastery. 
(3) He abused his position when was a President of Mongolia and its full rights to illegally privatize the “Urguu” hotel lobbying with some high officials including then Mayor of Ulaanbaatar city Ts.Batbayar, Chairman of the Capital City Citizens’ Representative’s Khural N.Bolormaa and the Deputy Director of the Capital City Property Relations Agency D.Dulamsuren and caused serious loss and mischief to the Capital City. 
(4) Moreover, with the Mayor of Ulaanbaatar city, Director of the Capital City Property Privatization Commission of that time T.Bilegt and citizen D.Chuluunbaatar, N.Enkhbayar illegally purchased “Ulaanbaatar times” printing house on the name of D.Chuluunbaatar and under the “Media Holding” company which is registered on his sister N.Enkhtuya’s name and further registered it as a subsidiary to his own company, which Court deemed that it caused huge loss to the Capital City. 
(5) Further, it has been proved that N.Enkhbayar caused 930 million MNT losses to Erdenet Mining Corporation by abusing his Presidential powers with then Director of Erdenet Mining Corporation Kh.Narankhuu, the Executive Director in charge of Trade Affairs N.Ganbat and the Director of “Henlon” company J.Myagmarjargal.

The Sukhbaatar District Court of Capital City sentenced N.Enkhbayar to seven years of imprisonment, whereas three of which will be pardoned and four will be served in person at a regular security prison. The court resolved to confiscate 89 thousand and 359 USD from his Khaan Bank’s account and his apartment located in the 11th micro district in order to compensate 54 million 343 thousand MNT (legal portion that N.Enkhbayar holds the apartment) to the Gandantegchinlen Monastery and to compensate 982 million and 577 thousand MNT to the Erdenet Mining Corporation.
In his last word at the closing of the trial N.Enkhbayar said, "The decision of this trial will show if Mongolia is a truly democratic country or not. State Prosecutors twisted actual facts in order to prosecute me for some political reasons. They represent old times. I'm not afraid of anyone. I will fight for justice and a new Mongolia”. 
N.Enkhbayar's trial was broadcasted live on some TV channels including his TV9 channel. 
His lawyer S.Narangerel said, "Decision of the trial shows that there is no independent court in Mongolia. This is a repetition of the 1937 repression. This is a politically motivated decision. This court decision is aimed to isolate N.Enkhbayar from political life of Mongolia and remove a major political opponent". 
Where other lawyers added, “N.Enkhbayar should be acquitted because he has done much good for Mongolia. The defense lawyers can appeal the court decision within 14 days”.
Members of MPRP protested the ruling of the court and wrestled with policemen. MPRP said that  they would appeal for higher court and moreover announced whether to join the Coalition Government with Democratic Party or not. 

Four years ago, when Mongolian judoka N.Tuvshinbayar grabbed gold medal from Beijing 2008 Olympics high state officials including N.Enkhbayar were cheering the victory at the Sukhbaatar’s Square and all Mongolians upon this success were happy, but four years later at the moment same time when N.Tuvshinbayar was competing for a Gold Medal Contest in London 2012 Olympic Games he was taken into custody after his court hearing. 

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