Mongolia Investment Summit to be held in London in April

Mongolia’s resource led economy has seen great leaps and bounds with coal exports increased by 51% in April 2012 year on year. Through a mining boom Mongolia has quickly developed other opportunities for investors like real estate and infrastructure, however the changing policy of the government and regulatory challenges needs to be understood before investors feel fully confident in this market.How can uncertainty be mitigated when investing in Mongolia to ensure your investment thrives through 2013?How can you make your business more appealing to European investors?With major investors, government officials and mining companies providing insights and discussions at the Mongolian Investment Summit in London you will gain important answers to these questions and more.This is your chance to meet with and hear from the government, small and large cap miners and other sectors offering fantastic investment opportunities while hearing the fund managers and corporate financiers assessment to put you in the best position to identify high growth investments in Mongolia.For companies operating in Mongolia this is your opportunity to meet with the huge investment market in the western hemisphere, raise funds for your business and plan your strategy for raising capital in Europe through 2013 and beyond.With Mongolia’s double digit GDP growth (estimated at 17.2% by the IMF for 2012) European investors are looking to gain exposure and benefit from Mongolia’s success story.Attend Mongolia Investment Summit London 2013 to:

  • Hear from large, mid and small cap miners on how they view the mineral opportunities in Mongolia and what the likely returns could be
  • Discover what industries will give the exposure you need to benefit from Mongolia’s double digit GDP growth
  • Hear from government ministers on developing legal and investment policies and to what extent they will affect you
  • Identify investments in fast developing sectors from real estate to infrastructure
  • Discover the parallels between Mongolia and other central Asian countries
  • See how Mongolia compares with other resource rich emerging markets

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