Mongolian Poker Players Conquered Asian Poker Scene

Known to be a landlocked nation in East and Central Asia, Mongolia is said to become a tourist destination and an open country for gaming; next to its neighboring countries like China and Macau. Its government has been taking a lot of strategic planning for its tourism’s overall development which include amusement parks and a possible casino construction within its economic zones. These development plans are bound to be accomplished as soon its gaming initiatives are established. 

Gaming Initiatives in Mongolia 
The Ambassador of Mongolia Galsan Batsukh had an initial business trip to Macau several months ago to discuss probable working relationships/assistance with Macau. According to the Mongolian ambassador, both countries have similar programs lined up in modernizing industries such as tourism and entertainment. He further explained that Mongolia will be taking advantage of their nature, historical culture and lifestyle to acquire more tourists which may help improve its economic progress. “Mongolia will be establishing its entertainment and resort industry, and maybe casinos too,” Batsukh said. However, he clarified that Mongolia is still considering the plan of focusing its economic growth by investing more in many entrepreneurial programs such as mining and agriculture. 

While their plan seems to take a while (as it is impossible to stop poker’s quite endless popularity in Mongolia), many Mongolian poker devotees are hopeful to experience playing poker in a grand casino—without limits. 

Mongolians in Poker Tournaments 
Mongolia is said to be the world’s most sparsely inhabited, independent country. Its population’s interest in the card game is just enough to create a growing and interesting poker scene in Mongolia. 
An army of Mongolians, with the help of various Asian poker figures such as Mike Kim, was able to showcase their poker skills in a poker tournament held recently in Cebu, Philippines. 

"I learned the game of poker in America six years ago and brought it back to Mongolia. Since then we've opened 16 small card clubs throughout the country and many people are beginning to play online. I am hoping that one day we can have a major poker event in Mongolia." Said Batsuren Tserendorj, President of the Mongolian Poker Association. 

Asian Poker pro Mike Kim was surprised and enthralled to assist the Mongolian poker team to the world poker stage. He added that if these poker players continue to bring their fervent interest in playing poker professionally, it is possible to have a Mongolian Joe Hachem or a Mongolian poker pro playing against partypoker’s newest addition to its team, Marvin Rettenmaier. "It's funny. I initially invited about half-a-dozen guys and 20 people ended up coming out. These guys have been playing a lot of poker at the resort but tonight we're going to see the sights!" he said. 

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