In Mongolia Civil Movements fight Gov, Ivanhoe Mines agreement

Ulaanbaatar, MONTSAME/. The Healthy Society , Profound Reforms and Land
of My Mongolia Civil Movements in association with the Green Party and
the Free Seniors Union of Mongolia have organized a demonstration on
the Sukhbaatar Square at 11 a.m. After 12 p.m., the demonstrators were
joined by the stallholders of the SAPU trade center, who were
demonstrating beside the Government House. The stallholders suffered
great damage due to the fare which burnt out three months ago at the
center. The demonstration organizers introduced to the demonstrators
about their demands to the Parliament Speaker. They demanded the
Speaker and Vice Speaker to welcome the petition. O.Magnai and
S.Ganbaatar, Heads of the Healthy Society and Profound Reforms Civil
Movements, were allowed to enter the Government House. The
demonstrators demand to quit the Government, which prepares to sign a
stability agreement with the Canadian Ivanhoe Mines , to relieve the
President from his post, and to dissolve the Parliament if it does not
solve this issue.

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