New Cultural Heritage Museum of Chinggis Khaan

The museum has on display over 3000 rare items, collected by Prof.Dr. S.Badral, related to the Mongolian history and cultural heritage dating back to Chinggis khaan period in 13th century. The museum consists of 3 sections and the first part is Chinggis khaan hall displaying the books on birch-bark and papers of 13th century and other items related to and about the great emperor. The second part mainly introduces about Mongolian literacy heritage, fine arts and ethnography and the third section is a section to introduce the Buddhist heritage of the Mongols.

Provided by the Arts Council of Mongolia

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2010-01-13 13:43:49
zail zail endees yum oldohgui yum bno :o:P:-*:'(:(>:(;D:D;):)8):P:'(:(>:(;):):)
Jessica Parker
2011-02-18 03:12:48
Trying to find out any information on Zhang Guang Bi I have a painting of his and would like to find out more about it and its worth I know he was the Head of the Fine Arts Museum In Mongolia born in 1926