Government resigns

The Coalition government of Mongolia is on the brink of resignation after M.Enkhbold, chairman of the Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party (MPRP), stated that 10 ministers out of 17 cabinet members have agreed  to resigned.

On january 11, around at 01:00 pm, a TV broadcasted face to face meeting was held between Chairman of the Mongolian People Revolutionary Party M.Enkhbold and Prime Minister Ts.Elbegdorj.

"Today, no any foreign country nor international organization, even a legal subject of Mongolia, treated me, a person representing executive governance of the county, as legally incapable in exercising its full power.

Problems unresolved

There are too many pending questions which need to be resolved on my desk. This desision of the MPRP is a surprise policy, that will push Mongolia into an politically unstable situation" Ts.Elbegdorj said. Also, he said M.Enkhbold has left too many problems unsolved when he was working as Ulaanbaatar Mayor and all levels of the capital city administration have become inefficient.

The chairman of the MPRP agreed that top officials of the Metropolitan administration were formed from a single party and that these shouln't be connected with the resignation of the government.

Democratic Party
R.Gonchigdorj, head of the Democratic Party, said that the MPRP seems to be resigning the government because their corruption cases were about to be disclosed to the public, and in this way they gain full control again.

The 10 MPRP ministers that have resigned are:

1. Vice Prime Minister, Ch.Ulaan

2. Minister of Justice and Home Affairs, S.Batbold

3. Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ts. Monkh-Orgil

4. Minister of Nature and Environment, U.Barsbold

5. Minister of Defence, Ts.Sharavdorj

6. Minister of Fuel and Energy, T.Ochirkhuu

7. Minister of Industry and Trade, Su.Batbold

8. Minister of Food and Agriculture, D.Terbishdagva

9. Minister of Health, T.Gandi

10. Minister of Emergencies, U.Khurelsukh

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