MPRP: Coalition failed

MPRP Chairman EnkhboldOn January 11, around 3:00 pm, MPRP held a press release where the Chairman
M.Enkhbold said:" The Coalition Government led by Prime
Minister Elbegdorj wasn't able to establish a governing potentiol within the
last 3 months. In 2004, we handed over a country with 10 percent
economic growth to the coalitin government. Now the growth has been
reduced to only 6 percent. This slowdown of economic growth and
the increasing inflation have caused the MPRP to make the decision to resign". Also
he mentioned that when the MPRP was ruling the government by itself, anti-corruption measurements were taken, on which a law was confirmed. Enkhbold continued that it was the MPRP that started to reduce the heavy state system. In 1999, the number of
officil workers were 134.000, which had been reduced to 120.000 at the end of the MPRP governmnet in 2004. After this the trend was reversed and the number of state officials increased again now reaching up to 124.000.

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