Civil Movements Join Protest

  After the demonstration against public transportation
fee.  Three civil movements “Resolute Reform” “Just Society- Civil
Movement and “Union of Peace” joined and demonstrated against MPRP
statement about resigning Coalition government. There were
approximately 3000 demonstrators. Mr. Magnai coordinator of “Just
Society- Civil Movement announced “Mongolians, racketeers communists
elected in name MPRP in parliament made state revolution day before
yesterday and resigned government which was working stable. If Speaker
Mr. Nyamdorj is not come out within 10 minutes let us attack to
people’s palace /Government Building/. When 10 minute passed Mr.
Ganbaatar chairman of "Resolute Reform" Movement try to enter
 Government Building to hand over lists of demands but security
didn’t let him in. Then after while demonstrators got frustrated and
forced to enter. But there were five rows of policemen. After two hours
of try the demonstrators moved to MPRP building and broke the glass
door and hit security. Later, Organizers of the demonstration had
meeting with MPRP leaders and presented they demands. MPRP leaders told
them they will hold the party board meeting as well as conference and
discuss and reconsider the issue. Also agreed to give respond to their
demands to having face to face meeting at 12 p.m. on 16
January Monday.

  Today MPRP announced total cost of the damage is more than 26 million tugrug      

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