"Thailand wants to be a friend of Mongolia"

Thailand Ulaanbaatar, /MONTSAME/. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Thailand Mr. Kantati Supamonghon reported in his first day visit to the journalists that Thailand wants to be a friend of Mongolia. Mr. Kantati Supamonghon arrived in Ulaanbaatar on Thursday with his spouse. That day, the Minister was received by the Prime Minister of Mongolia M.Enkhbold. At the meeting, Mongolia proved its aspiration to participate in the integration of Asia-Pacific region, to join the activities of APEC and ASEM and requested then a support of Thailand in the participation of ASEAN and East Asian cooperation. The Minister asked the Mongolian side to support the Asian candidate in the nomination of the UN Secretary General. He expressed his satisfaction with the sustainable friendly relations between the countries and handed over the Thailand Prime Minister s invitation to M.Enkhbold to pay a visit to Thailand in his favorable time. The same day, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia N.Enkhbold and the Minister of Thailand Mr. Kantati Supamonghon signed a document on not duplicating income tax, preventing from tax evading, and on Intergovernmental agreement on cooperation in cultural sector. At the press conference called after the meeting, Mr. Kantati Supamonghon said, "I am happy to visit Mongolia during the celebration of the 800th anniversary of the Great Mongol Empire. Our two countries have similar ages in historical chronicle. Nonetheless, Thailand locates in Southeast Asia and has 63 million of population. Considering it, Mongolia s gate to relate to South Asia is Thailand. Thailand wants to be a friend of Mongolia. We are ready to cooperate with Mongolia in training cadres of energy and defense sectors, in developing small- and medium-sized enterprises, and in sharing our experiences in reducing bird flu." The Minister pledged to say to Thailand about the opportunity to collaborate in developing free trade zone. He also mentioned a possibility of producing "Two nations-one product" movement similar to the "One Village-One Product" one. Minister N.Enkhbold said, "Thailand is an influential member of ASEAN and is the country with powerful economy in the region. Therefore, the agreement concluded with the country will be vitally significant in establishing a legal environment for boosting economic relations." At the second day of the visit, Mister and Missis Supamonghon were welcomed to the Fine Art Museum and Mongol Costumes Museum.

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