Mongolian Grammar Study Book

Complete Grammar (and Study Book) of the Mongolian language, featuring Cyrillic script, Classical script (as used in Inner Mongolia) and English explanations. 448 pages, good quality paperback. Ideal for learners and researchers of Mongolian.

Awarded as "Best Academic Book of the Year 1997" by the Ministry of Education of Mongolia.

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ISBN 9992904453
Ulaanbaatar 2005
Paperback, 448 pages
It contains 5 parts:
1. Introduction with general information about the Mongolian language, the alphabets and the word structure.
2. Lexicology with word building, special parts like idioms and indigenous Mongolian vocabulary
3. Morphology, covering all the different parts of speech.
4. Syntax, covering sentence structure, parts of a sentence and punctuation.
5. Appendix with many helpful tables, lists and word index.

This book provides the learner with:
* very detailed table of contents, both in Mongolian and English language
* many example sentences of everyday life
* explanations of necessary linguistic terms
* literal translation for analytical understanding
* helpful comparison and overview tables
* insights in Mongolian cultural heritage
* hints for using colloquial language
* necessary rules

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2010-07-31 11:11:26
Great i think such books are really a good way of improving grammar and vocabulary in English i had improved a lot in morphology by reading such books although today there are some good Grammar Checker tools were available but still i prefer such books to learn.