USD 9 million in bonds sold so far for economic development

Deputy Minister for Food, Agriculture and Light Industry Kh.Zoljargal tells our correspondent that MNT 108 billion in bonds have been sold so far as part of a MNT 300 billion bond issue for economic development.  

The bond sale began on August 9. The bonds are being sold on the Mongolian Stock Exchange every Tuesday.

National Security Council discusses murder case of S.Zorig

On September 9, the National Security Council (NSC) discussed the case of S.Zorig, an MP and Minister for Infrastructure who was brutally murdered in 1998. The case is still unsolved. Prosecutor General D.Dorligjav and other officials spoke about the case before the NSC for the first time. 

Mongolian government takes action on rare archeological find

At the Government meeting on Wednesday it was decided that the state will take custody of objects discovered by a team of Mongolian and Kazakh archeologists working in Bayannuur soum of Bulgan aimag. The archeologists recently unearthed what they believe is the tomb of a significant person of nobility. More than 200 objects were recovered. The objects will be sent to a museum.

The Government also decided to establish a “protection zone” around the site, and to make it more accessible to tourists. 

Rare archeological find in Mongolia's Bulgan aimag

Job Fair 2011 Gate to Development and Employment

The 5th “Job Fair 2011” themed “Gate to Development – Employment” for students, alumni as well as returnees from developed countries will be jointly organized by Mongolian-German Bridge (MGB) with the National Committee for “A Year for Support of Employment” established by the Government of Mongolia within the framework of its announcement on “A Year for Support of Employment”.

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