Mongolian government to increase spending by MNT 92.6 billion

Finance Minister S. Bayartsogt says the Government will revise its current budget. Usually this is only done when there is a budget deficit. But this time the Government is revising the budget to address an unexpected surplus. In July, revenues were MNT 248.8 billion more than projected. That was largely due to big increases in industrial production and mining production.

Business Council of Mongolia welcomes Allens

BCM Mongolia Newswire Highlights

The Business Council of Mongolia (BCM) was founded in the fall of 2007 to promote increased trade and investment in Mongolia. BCM represents all investors in Mongolia, domestic and foreign, on business climate issues. Advocacy efforts with the Government, Ministry and Parliamentary officials on issues vital to investors in Mongola are of utmost importance.


Allens Arthur Robinson (Allens) has been formally welcomed as a member of the Business Council of Mongolia at a ceremony held last night in the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbaatar.

Allens becomes the first Australian top-tier firm to be made a member of the Council. Partners Erin Feros and David Wenger, as well as Senior Associate John Koshy and Lawyer Emma Wanchap, attended a meeting of the Council that formally accepted Allens as a member.

The Business Council of Mongolia brings together Mongolian and foreign-based businesses to act as an independent Mongolian business advocacy group.

Ms Feros said formal membership in the Business Council of Mongolia was a natural progression for the firm, which has been involved in numerous significant transactions in Mongolia over the past few years.

'We see the firm's membership of the Mongolian Business Council as an essential component of our Mongolia group's activities,' Ms Feros said.

'We welcome this opportunity to meet with colleagues and build relationships here on the ground in Ulaanbaatar.'

Joe Biden in Mongolia: " I guess the translator opposes one-party rule."

Joe Biden apperently had a good time in Mongolia. He was so at ease he actually cracked a joke in the address to Mongolian Prime Minister Batbold.

And it led to the country’s first free elections, and eventually ended -- that eventually ended decades of one-party rule.  

        I guess the translator opposes one-party rule.  (Laughter.)  I’m only kidding.  I shouldn’t joke.  I shouldn’t joke.

Mongolia's Foreign Minister: No nuke waste talks with U.S. vice president

Joe Biden

At the invitation by Prime Minister S. Batbold, United States Vice President Joseph Biden is visiting Mongolia today. Officials say the visit is meant to foster good relations between the two nations. But some activists are suspicious that the vice president may discuss the possibility of storing nuclear waste in Mongolia. They point out that Mr. Biden will visit Japan immediately after Mongolia.

Program Vice President Joe Biden in Mongolia

 National Security Advisor to the Vice President Tony Blinken explained:

        That then brings us to Mongolia, something we are very excited about.  This is, on one level, a truly historic visit.  I’m sure many of you will recall the last visit of a Vice President to Mongolia.  That was in 1944, when FDR’s Vice President Henry Wallace toured Asia and included a stop in Mongolia.  

Anti-nuclear-waste demonstration in Ulaanbaatar

An anti-nuclear-waste rally will be held in Ulaanbaatar on Friday. Organizers say they are opposed to any efforts to store nuclear waste in Mongolia. Groups participating in the rally include the Green Coalition, Freedom Observer Party, People’s Union to Require Promise, Gal Undesten Union, and the Khamag Mongol Movement. Another demonstration is planned for Sunday. The rallies are timed to coincide with the visit of U.S.

Border towns witness China-Mongolia trade boom

HOHHOT, Aug. 20 (Xinhua) -- The booming China-Mongolia border trade has given Erenhot, a Gobi town in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, a more important regional status, as it's poised to host the China-Mongolia-Russia Economic and Trade Cooperation Fair at the end of the month.

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