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Parliamentary Working Goup

Parliamentary Working Goup >>> Parliament decided to establish a working group to further examine Oyu Tolgoi agreement ::: No official announcement on timeline yet ::: It will be a non...

Interview with Ch. Khurelbaatar

Interview with Ch. Khurelbaatar >>> State Secretary of ministry of Finance, leader of the working group ::: License belongs 100% to Ivanhoe Mines (IVN) ::: The site was discovered by...

8 August 2007-2 Ivanhoe agreement

Ivanhoe Agreement Update 2 >> MP's
Z. Enkhbold and N. Batbayar of the Dem Party questioned the agreement
working group members...

Ivanhoe agreement - 3

Ivanhoe Agreement Update 3 >> N.
Batbayars questioned if exempting Ivanhoe for 5 years of wind fall tax
of 68% is legal ::: Hurelbaatar...

Parliament discusses Ivanhoe Agreement

Parliament discusses Ivanhoe Agreement  >> Democratic Party emphasizes the agreement will last for 80 years and shouldn't be rushed ::: The Standing Committee...

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