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New Exhibition in Cafe Amsterdam: Budzagd Nandin-Erdene PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 10 April 2009 05:00

nandin erdene The Mongolian artist Budzagd Nandin-Erdene has opened an exhibition in Cafe Amsterdam. It is part of a continued exhibition cycle of young artists in the lunch room and cultural center on Peace Avenue. The artist is known for colorful collages and comments:

"In my opinion modern people’s aesthetic understanding reached to another level of development depending on modern development, progress and advancement of technology and techniques. In other words , women mostly want to have high nose, big motley eyes, slim nice figure, body, perfect lips, even, beautiful teeth. To fulfill these dream have become easy. Nobody pays attention at such change of one part of our life. They expect unbelievable incredible result, to achieve that they are ready to sacrifice everything they have. I aim to show and reflect these realities into my creations and works."

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