250,000 Mongolian Gazelles

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Vaste Numbers of Mongolian Gazelles

Vaste Numbers of Mongolian Gazelles

Good Old Kirk has seen them all:

In September 2007, Olson’s team were driving across the eastern Mongolian steppes studying the habitat of the Mongolian gazelle, one of the last nomadic ungulates to survive in large numbers.

Together with scientists at the Smithsonian Institute, they had been capturing gazelles and fitting them with GPS collars to track their movements, trying to work out where they travel and why.

As they drove east they began to encounter herds of a couple of thousand individuals.

“Groups of this size are impressive and beautiful to see,” describes Olson. Then the following day, at about midday, they drove to a hillside offering a great view of what appeared to be one such herd.

“But it was really one edge of a group that ended up being over 250,000 by one estimate.

“We were simply amazed at the sight. The image I have in my mind of seeing this massive aggregation of gazelles will always be etched into my memory.”

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