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Reviews for "Moving with the seasons" A portrait of a nomadic family in Mongolia

Liza Carter traveled five times to Mongolia over four years to document the daily life of a modern nomadic family. Filled with photographs and personal perspectives on daily life, ...

Mongolia´s Ecosystem: A comprehensive overview of its current challenges

The Mongolian Ecosystem Network is an academic publication that covers many dimensions of the current ecological challenges in Mongolia. In 2010 the Kyoto based Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN) held a conference  "...

Book Release: Early Christian Remains of Inner Mongolia


Early Christian Remains of Inner Mongolia

Discovery, Reconstruction and Appropriation

Tjalling H.F....
Mongolian Grammar Study Book

Complete Grammar (and Study Book) of the Mongolian language, featuring Cyrillic script, Classical script (as used in Inner Mongolia) and English explanations. 448 pages, good quality paperback. Ideal for learners and researchers of Mongolian....

In the footsteps of Zanabazar: Mongolia's leader and artist

A new guide book was launched tracking the special places in the life of the world famous spiritual and worldy leader of Mongolia, who became especially famous for his impressive works of art.


New Photo Book on Tsagaan Sar - Mongolia's Lunar New Year

Amsterdam, Holland April 30, 2006 -- Amateur photographer Remy Lang has released his first photo book on Mongolia: "Tsagaan Sar - Mongolian New Year".

The book contains photos he took during Tsagaan Sar (Buddhist New Year) in...

KUBLAI KHAN: The Mongol King who Remade China

Financial Times (London, England)

April 22, 2006 Saturday

KUBLAI KHAN: The Mongol King who Remade China

by John Man

Bantam Press Pounds 20, 383 pages

Thanks to Coleridge, Kublai...

Mongolia: Museum Highlights, important works of art - Important Works of Art from the Collections of the Zanabazar Museum of Fine Arts, Bogd Khan Palace Museum, and Choijin-Lama...

Book: Impact of Grazing Livestock

Markus Stumpp, Karsten Wesche, Vroni Retzer, and Georg Miehe (2005)
Impact of Grazing Livestock and Distance from Water Source on Soil
Fertility in Southern Mongolia. Mountain Research and Development:
Vol. 25, No. 3, pp. 244-...

Modern Mongolia A Concise History

Modern Mongolia A Concise History is written by Dr.Tsedendambyn
Batbayar, Director-General, Policy Planning and Coordination
Department, Ministry of External Relations. His former position was the
Director of the Institute of...

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