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Increased construction in Mongolia's capital Ulaanbaatar

Mongolian President M. N.Enkhbayar became au fait Tuesday with
activities of the Town Planning, Scientific and Specification Institute
under the Ulaanbaatar City Mayor Office and the Tinergy compressed fuel
company. The above...

Mongolia and Kazakhstan to cooperate

The 4th session of Kazakh-Mongolian
Intergovernmental Commission on Commercial Economic, Scientific
Technical and Cultural Collaboration is expected to be held in Ulan
Bator (capital of Mongolia) on April 13-14, spokesperson of...

World Bank Mongolia Update

World Bank,...

Cashmere Trade Fair in Mongolia

The Labor Fund NGO will arrange a trade fair and a fashion show
Wool-Cashmere-2006 in the Fine Art Gallery on April 13 with the
intention of introducing its new technology to the public. The fashion
show will display a total of...

Unemployment figures going down in Mongolia

At the end of February 2006, the number of registered unemployed was
32.6 thousand that decreased by 11.2 percent or 4.1 thousand persons
compared to the same period of the previous year. The number of
unemployed women was 18.2...

Mongolia wants nuclear power station

President of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences Mr. B.Chadraa said that
an nuclear power station is needed in Mongolia. He continued that
Mongolian physicists have for many years been proposing to found such
station. But the...

Russia, Mongolia discuss gas pipeline

Mongolia has expressed its interest to lay a gas pipeline
from the Irkutsk region.
Mongolian Foreign Minister Nyamaa Enkhbold says, Ulan-Bator “hopes for a positive
solution to this issue.” The foreign minister did...

Wireless Digital TV to come to Mongolia

Yangtze Telecom Corp, a canadian company mainly investing in China, will invest to set up a wireless digital TV network in Mongolia. The wideness and sparse population of Mongolia, would make it an ideal market for digital tv. No comments are...

Mongolia's railway's high profits on transit between Rusia and China

mongolian_railway_train_small.jpgMongolin Tomor Zam, or the Mongolian railway, is a Russian Mongolian joint venture that...

Food producers gather

The fourth congress of the Association of Mongolian Food Producers will
take place in Ulaanbaatar on March 24. The Association will also hold
its regular conference prior to the congress, which is convened once
every two years....

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