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Local priorities to be considered in economic revival plan
Mr. Ch. Khashchuluun, Chairman of the National Development and Innovation Committee, has said the emphasis in their work plan...
Khurts's shadow over announcement of choice of London Stock Exchange
The London Stock Exchange (LSE) has been chosen to restructure and run the Mongolian Stock...
Rising MNT brings 'Dutch Disease' closer to Mongolia
The MNT, up 17% y-t-d, is the best-performing currency against the dollar this year. The...
PM happy at progress of business environment reforms
The committee responsible for reviewing the progress of business environment reforms held its...
More big fish to be charged in Anod Bank case
As prosecuting authorities prove further into the affairs of Anod Bank, some more important officials, both in the bank and...
Approved budget has deficit equaling 9.9% of GDP
Parliament passed the draft combined budget late in the evening on November 25, with 79.1% support from MPs present. Some...
This year's budget prepares for the economic growth to come, asserts MP
The Chief of the Standing Committee on the Budget, Mr. Ts.Davaasuren, says the recently approved...
Mongolia to sell bonds worth USD500-USD600 million early next year
Mongolia may launch its debut international bond early next year and the deal should total around USD500 million to USD600...
Pepsi-cola to be produces in Mongolia
Following an agreement with PepsiCo International, the second largest food and beverage company...
Rise in budget deficit will upset everything, says Central Bank governor
The Central Bank Governor, Mr. L.Purevdorj, has said the unexpected decision of Minister of...
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