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Stronger MNT is bad for export, domestic producers
Contrary to popular perception, a stronger MNT may not be all good for Mongolia. Ms. G.Delgermaa...
Foreign currency reserve likely to reach USD2 billion by year-end
The Central Bank revealed last week that the country’s foreign currency reserve has exceeded USD1...
Cultivators start paying back loans
This year’s wheat harvest has been three times more than that in 2007, and has raised hopes that...
Besides a large one, Mongolia plans to have smaller oil refineries
Petroleum Authority Chairman D. Amarsaikhan has said that apart from the 44,000-bpd oil refinery...
State property committee is "responsible for more than privatization"
Established in the days of the transition to a market economy, the State Property Committee (SPC...
MPs approve their salary raise proposal at first discussion
With 84.1% of MPs present supporting it, the proposed salary raise of State high officials,...
About 100 Mongolians spent USD7 million to buy MMC shares at Hong Kong
Mr. D.Achit-Erdene, President of the Mongolian International Capital Corporation (MICC), which...
Ulaanbaatar railway meeting to name new head postponed
The meeting of the Executive Board of the Russia-Mongolia joint venture Ulaanbaatar Railway...
Reuters "misreported" PM on London Stock Exchange
The Prime Minister’s Foreign Policy Advisor O. Och and the Director of the Press Office...
LSE offers help and support to develop capital market in Mongolia
The conference organized this week by the London Stock Exchange (LSE) in Ulaanbaatar...
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