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Buddhism News
One of only two giant rosaries now in Mongolia PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ulaanbaatar Correspondant   
Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Dashchoilin monastery has acquiered a giant rosary.  The rosary is over 200 years old and is one of only two of a kind. It was acquiered from Japan where the other giant rosary still remains.  The rosary is to adorn the statue of Maitreya, the future Buddha to be built at the monastery.

Each bead is around 45cm in diameter and weighs between 40 and 50 Kg with the main or head bead of the rosary weighing over 70kg. In total the rosary of the traditional auspicious 108 beads weighs 1200Kg. The beads are now displayed in the main ger shaped temple at Dashchoilin monastery in Ulaanbaatar. Each bead is sat on an honorary cushion.  

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Maitreya's Green Horse PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ulaanbaatar Correspondant   
Tuesday, 22 May 2007

The Buddha of the future, Maitreya, has a green horse in Mongolia. On the 19th May, a ceremony to welcome Maitreya to appear in this world was held at Shankh Monastery, located about 20km from Kharkhorin. The ceremony is one of the most important of the year. A statue of Maitreya is drawn around the temple on a cart headed by his green horse.  The cart is brought to face the four directions around the temple - south, west, north, east - and prayers are said to welcome the future Buddha to appear and liberate beings in all directions.

The ceremony lasted about 3 hours in the freezing rain and wind. The monks blessed people approaching the cart with small statues of deities on the end of sticks. In each direction, the lay people offered a small temple shaped glass box fulled with offerings to the Buddha. Khatags are attached to the offering box and each person holds part of a Khatag to symbolise carrying the offering. 

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Dashchoilon Monastery to build 17 meter tall Maidar statue PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ariunbold Altankhuyag   
Monday, 21 May 2007


A 17 meter tall statue of Maidar is planned for the Dashchoilon Monastery. 

The lamas of the monastery have announced plans for a six-story building to house the statue. Previous plans to build the statue in 1995 had to be abandoned when it was not possible to secure building materials. 

While construction of the building will be performed by local builders, the statue will be created in China. The enormous statue will include rosary beads weighing from 45 kg. to 96 kg. 

Money will be raised for the project from many sources including ticket sales to view a model of the statue at the wrestler’s palace.

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Buddhist Sculptures on Display on the National History Museum PDF Print E-mail
Written by enkhlen   
Thursday, 26 April 2007

An exhibition of sculptures of Buddha images has been opened in the National History Museum by Ts.Batsaikhan, the chief of the laboratory of the Service for the State Special Protection. The exhibition to be lasted for five days displays about 400 Buddha images of the 18-20th centuries, which were collected by Ts.Batsaikhan for more than a decade. There are various images. The smallest sculpture s length is one centimeter length and the biggest one is with 50 centimeter length.

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Mongolia's President Visits Gandantegchinlen Monastery PDF Print E-mail
Written by B. Bolortuya   
Sunday, 22 October 2006
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. President of Mongolia, N. Enkhbayar, visited last weekend the Gandantegchinlen Monastery and Buddhist Religious Center. The President was updated on activities carried out for the 10th jubilee celebration of the restoration of the Megjid Janraisag (the 25 meter high statue of the Buddha of compassion). He also attended a meeting entitled Megjid Janraisag - Cult of the Mongolian state and nation. The meeting brought together famous scholars, experts and lamas. Reports such as 'Restoration of the independence of Mongolia and Megjid Janraisag,' 'Reasons to create and worship Megjid Janraisag', and 'Megjid Janraisag - a combination of intelligence, wealth and artistry of Mongolian people' were presented by the state honored scientist Ph. L. Jamsran, the state honored cultural figure and maker of Buddha images G. Purevbat and the state honored cultural figure G. Mend-Oyo.

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Shambhala Rises Again in the Mongolian Gobi PDF Print E-mail
Written by Konchog Norbu   
Thursday, 14 September 2006
MonInfo reports: The mystical land of Shambhala has risen again in the eastern Gobi Desert. On Sunday, September 10, thousands of Mongolians and foreign visitors gathered near Khamariin Khiid in Dornogov Aimag for a dawn-to-dark celebration. The focus of their joy and devotion was the completed reconstruction of a site sacred to Shambhala, the enlightened kingdom described in the Kalachakra Tantra. The symbolic complex features 108 stupas and three massive entry portals, all rendered according to the original vision of Mongolia’s renowned 19th c. Buddhist master, Danzan Ravjaa.

According to A. Erdenebat, a member of Tavan Dokhio, the organization of those dedicated to the preservation and propagation of Danzan Ravjaa’s spiritual legacy, Danzan Ravjaa (1803-56) was supposed to have lived to age 83. He foresaw that if he lived that long, however, Mongolia’s Manchu overlords would end up assassinating him, massacring his followers, and destroying his lineage forever. So, Erdenebat says, Danzan Ravjaa compressed and channeled the merit of the last 30 years of his life into the building of the Shambhala site. His intention was to offer his followers in future generations the means by which they might take rebirth with him in Shambhala, and take advantage of its uniquely conducive environment for the attainment of final spiritual liberation.

The original site, which also included a small temple to enshrine the Kalachakra mandala (Khamariin Khiid’s lamas intend to replicate this temple next year), was completed in 1854, only to be destroyed in 1938 during Mongolia’s religious purges. Under the direction of Z. Altangerel, hundreds of people from across Mongolia and from several other countries contributed an estimated $250,000USD, materials and labor over the past year in a monumental effort to bring about Shambhala’s renaissance. Article continued at www.moninfo.org/content/view/245/4/lang,en/

Image copyright Konchog Norbu.

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Dala Lama in Mongolia Pictures PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ulaanbaatar correspondent   
Thursday, 24 August 2006
There are several resources with images of HH. the Dalai Lama in Mongolia. One is a series of young monk that photographed all the billboards welcoming the Dalai Lama to Mongolia the other is Reuters images from Luke Distelhorst.
The Dalai Lama will stay almost a week in Mongolia to help the revival of the Vajrayana tradition of Buddhism.

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"Dalai Lama on Mongolia’s monastic community" PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ulaanbaatar correspondent   
Wednesday, 23 August 2006

= On request of the author this posting has been deleted =

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Dalai Lama in Mongolia Greeted by Crowds at Gandantegchenlin Monastery PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jigjie   
Tuesday, 22 August 2006
Moninfo reports: Today, August 22, thousands of Mongolians and Buddhist believers welcomed the 14th Dalai Lama, who came to Ulaanbaatar on Monday for eight-day trip, at Gandantegchenlin Monstery, the center of Mongolia’s Buddhism.
In front of the Janraiseg Temple, a main temple of the monastery, the Dalai Lama blessed the gathered people, who were cheering on the Buddhist leader.
“We need to focus on modern, current education, but not forget about our traditional ways of life,” the Dalai Lama stated.
“Many years ago Mongolia was much like Tibet, and the citizens of both countries were barbarians. But after education and learning, we have grown to be the states we are today.” Mongolia, a predominantly Buddhist nation, welcomed the Dalai Lama despite potential anger from China, which accuses him of being a separatist of Tibet.
He arrived late in evening of August 21 at the Chinggis Khaan International Airport on a MIAT Mongolian National Airlines flight from Tokyo, Japan. Representatives from the Indian Embassy as well as officials from Gandantegchenlin Monastery and a small group of around 30 citizens greeted him at the airport.

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H.H. Dalai Lama Mongolia Schedule PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ulaanbaatar correspondent   
Monday, 21 August 2006
Tue. 22
11am Arrives at Gandan with formal welcome
2-5pm Teaching (for monks/lamas only)
Wed. 23
11-2 Public teaching either at Gandan or elsewhere TBA
3:30-5 Live teaching on TV
Thu. 24
11-1 Finish teaching/White Tara long life blessing
Fri. 25
All Day -- Ordination ceremonies
Sat. 26
9-12:30 and 1:30-4:30 Hayagriva empowerment preliminaries. Gandan?
4:30-6 Gandan
Sun. 27
10-12:30 & 1:30-5 Hayagriva empowerment

By Konchog Norbu through http://www.gandan.mn/
More from Konchog at Dreaming of Danzan Ravjaa

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Dalai Lama to Visit Mongolia PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ulaanbaatar correspondent   
Thursday, 17 August 2006
Dalai Lama in Mongolia
Ulaanbaatar, /MONTSAME/. His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama is expected to visit Mongolia this month. According to Gandantegchilen Monastery, the center of Buddhism in Mongolia, the visit of his holiness is confirmed. As of today, an official program of the visit is not possible to be introduced. Next week, a press conference on the visit will be called, and detailed info will be given. Dalai Lama arrived in Mongolia seven times, the last visit was paid in 2003.

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