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Akira KAMIMURA, lecturer, faculty of Mongolian studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies launched an innovative website on old Mongolian manuscripts maps in cooperation with the state archive of Mongolia. It contains 16 precious maps which are stored at the state archive for academic use. The oldest map was estimated being made in 1803-1805.

A remarkable feature of this web site is that you can find manuscripts written on those maps by an advanced search function. All content of the maps has been indexed and easily accessible with the advanced search function.

For instance, if you type, "erdeni"(transcription of Mongol bichig as "erdene"), you get 24 search results and it says "erdeni" is written on 4 different maps. Then, it indicates where the search words are found on the specific places of the maps. Also, you can add search conditions among 20 items.

KAMIMURA hopes this web site helps progress on study of Mongolian history and many other related disciplines. Not only for the academic use, it is also beautiful and interesting to appreciate.

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Mongolia Business and Economy News
Articles on the current economic situation in Mongolia, business news and investment opportunities. From mining and oil to cashemere and finance.

Price dispute delays construction of gas pipeline from Russia to China PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ariunbold Altankhuyag   
Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Construction of two gas pipelines on the borders of Mongolia may be postponed due to the high gas price Russia is requiring from China. 

Gazprom, the Russian monopoly, has told China it expects to receive the same price for is natural gas from China as it charges its European customers.  

Western Europeans are now paying $250 per 1,000 cubic meters to Gazprom. China, however, has insisted on paying $100 per 1,000 cubic meters, which is what domestic Russian customers are charged. 

"The main principle Gazprom intends to stick to is that the effect of export prices to China should be at least comparable to supplies to Europe, after taking transportation costs into account," Gazprom's export chief Alexander Medvedev told a briefing. 

"As soon as they are ready to pay a market price, we will be ready to deliver the gas," he said then. "Our principle is very simple: before constructing the pipelines, we need to agree terms to sell the gas." 

The proposed pipelines would run parallel to the Mongolian borders leading from Russia to China. 

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Tiger Beer brewery expected to create 150 jobs PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ariunbold Altankhuyag   
Tuesday, 26 June 2007
The previously announced construction of a Tiger Beer brewery in Mongolia will provide 150 new jobs, it has been announced. 

Singapore’s Asia Pacific Breweries (APB) and Mongolian Consultancy Services (MCS) will team up to build a $20 million brewery with a daily bottling capacity of 60,000 bottles. 

Though vodka has traditionally been the preferred drink in Mongolia, the younger generation, which composes 70 percent of the population, has shown an increasing fondness for beer. 

The Tiger Beer plant is the first foreign brewery to be built in Mongolia. It is expected to eventually brew locally owned beers, as well as its own brand. 

The brewery's range of products will eventually expand to include local beers. 

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German Economics Minister to discuss joint projects with Mongolia PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ariunbold Altankhuyag   
Monday, 25 June 2007
German Economics Minister Michael Glos will visit Ulaanbaatur during a four-day visit to Mongolia and China. 

Glos, accompanied by German business leaders, will discuss opportunities in assisting in the development of Mongolia’s mining industry as well as infrastructure projects. 

While in China, Glos will participate in a meeting of the German-Chinese Joint Economic Committee on June 27. 

The highlight of the Chinese visit will be the announcement of a $9.8 billion Airbus factory to be built in Tianjin, near Beijing. This will be the first factory outside Europe to construct the European passenger jets. 

It is believed Glos will also discuss continuing problems with intellectual property rights with his Chinese counterparts.

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World Bank program to assist Mongolian women in business PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ariunbold Altankhuyag   
Tuesday, 29 May 2007
Mongolian women are to be included in a program by the World Bank to assist women in their business ventures. 

Meeting in Accra, officials said Mongolian women would be able to seek assistance through the newly created Gender Action Plan sponsored by the World Bank. The goal of the plan is to make available money and other resources to assist women in succeeding in business ventures. 

Explaining the goals of the program, Senior Gender Specialist of the Bank, Mrs. Waafas Ofosu-Amaah declared, "The Global community must renew its attention to women's economic empowerment and increase investments in women." 

She further stated that the economic advantages created by women succeeding in business cannot be understated.  The standard of living of women, men, families and countries can be radically altered by women earning living wages in a business. 

"The business case for expanding women's economic opportunities is becoming increasingly evident, and this is nothing more than smart economics," Mrs. Ofosu-Amaah said.  

The program will be open to women beyond Mongolia, including Ghana, Cambodia, Kenya, Malawi, Mauritania, Mongolia, Ethiopia and Uganda. 

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At 7.5%, Mongolia leads in economic growth, according to international bank PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ariunbold Altankhuyag   
Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Mongolia recorded the fastest economic growth among those countries working with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, according to a statement released today. 

Mongolia’s 2006 growth was put at 7.5 percent, up from 6.8 percent in 2005. The same growth numbers were posted for the other former Soviet countries which make up the Commonwealth of Independent States. 

The bank is estimating economic growth of 7.2 percent for Mongolia in 2007. 

"This (growth) was largely due to continuing high commodity prices, but also strong domestic demand," the bank said in a statement.  

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development was founded in 1991 to help former Soviet countries develop free market economies by providing them with capital. 

Bank officials noted that Russia, with the region’s largest economy, is helping to maintain economic growth among neighboring countries. "Russia is the engine of this region. Russia is entering into a very strong investment phase. It is in (this phase) already and affecting growth," Erik Berglof, chief economist at the EBRD told reporters. "The main issue is about the ability to absorb the very large amounts of money that are being invested," he said.  

Of particular note are plans to being a process of withdrawing assistance from those countries which have achieved sufficient economic independence. These countries include The Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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