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Books and Publications
Books on or related to Mongolia: Reviews, announcements and excerpts. See for More books on Mongolia: MongoliaBooks.com and ShopMongolia.com
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Book: Impact of Grazing Livestock 4339
Ecology book now available in Mongolian 4446
Felt Art of the Mongols 5439
In the footsteps of Zanabazar: Mongolia's leader and artist 6721
KUBLAI KHAN: The Mongol King who Remade China 5384
Modern Mongolia A Concise History 4410
Modern Mongolia: A Review 5933
Mongolia: Museum Highlights, important works of art 6189
Mongolian Grammar Study Book 6211
New Photo Book on Tsagaan Sar - Mongolia's Lunar New Year 7407
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  • Mongolian language  ( 9 items )
  • State & Politics  ( 2 items )
  • History  ( 13 items )
  • Mongolian Law and Policy  ( 6 items )
  • Museums and galleries  ( 12 items )
    Mongolia has a wide variety of museums. There is a museum of fine arts named after Zananbazar, there is a museum based on the national history of Mongolia, many local museums and a growing number of modern art galleries.
  • Culture and traditions  ( 23 items )
    Mongolia has a wide variety of cultural traditions that are still practised by many people throughtout the country.
  • Useful information  ( 9 items )
    An overview of general useful information about the Land of the Blue Heaven
  • Hotels and Places to Stay  ( 15 items )
    An overview of hotels in Ulaanbataar with their addresses, contact information and, if available, websites.
  • Restaurants  ( 16 items )
    The places to eat, dine, or snack. Ulaanbaatar has a wide variety of international restaurants from German to Thai and from Russian to Latin American.
  • Shopping in Ulaanbaatar  ( 4 items )
    Stores, shops and markets, all the places to buy the things you want.

  • Theatres  ( 4 items )
    The places to enjoy perfomances, plays or movies
  • Travel and Tourism  ( 12 items )

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The Mongol Uls Mongolia Network provides information about different aspects of Mongolia, including culture, religion, language and other traditions. Mongol Uls is the Mongolian word for Mongolia.