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Mongolian language
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Civilities 1692
Consonants 1699
Goodbyes 2793
Greetings 2426
Lesson 1 724
Lesson 2 854
Names and Forms of Address 1405
Pronunciation of Mongolian 2002
Vowels 2287
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  • State & Politics  ( 2 items )
  • History  ( 13 items )
  • Mongolian Law and Policy  ( 6 items )
  • Museums and galleries  ( 12 items )
    Mongolia has a wide variety of museums. There is a museum of fine arts named after Zananbazar, there is a museum based on the national history of Mongolia, many local museums and a growing number of modern art galleries.
  • Books and Publications  ( 10 items )
    Books on or related to Mongolia: Reviews, announcements and excerpts. See for More books on Mongolia: MongoliaBooks.com and ShopMongolia.com
  • Culture and traditions  ( 23 items )
    Mongolia has a wide variety of cultural traditions that are still practised by many people throughtout the country.
  • Useful information  ( 9 items )
    An overview of general useful information about the Land of the Blue Heaven
  • Hotels and Places to Stay  ( 15 items )
    An overview of hotels in Ulaanbataar with their addresses, contact information and, if available, websites.
  • Restaurants  ( 16 items )
    The places to eat, dine, or snack. Ulaanbaatar has a wide variety of international restaurants from German to Thai and from Russian to Latin American.
  • Shopping in Ulaanbaatar  ( 4 items )
    Stores, shops and markets, all the places to buy the things you want.

  • Theatres  ( 4 items )
    The places to enjoy perfomances, plays or movies
  • Travel and Tourism  ( 12 items )

Mongolia Websites

Akira KAMIMURA, lecturer, faculty of Mongolian studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies launched an innovative website on old Mongolian manuscripts maps in cooperation with the state archive of Mongolia. It contains 16 precious maps which are stored at the state archive for academic use. The oldest map was estimated being made in 1803-1805.

A remarkable feature of this web site is that you can find manuscripts written on those maps by an advanced search function. All content of the maps has been indexed and easily accessible with the advanced search function.

For instance, if you type, "erdeni"(transcription of Mongol bichig as "erdene"), you get 24 search results and it says "erdeni" is written on 4 different maps. Then, it indicates where the search words are found on the specific places of the maps. Also, you can add search conditions among 20 items.

KAMIMURA hopes this web site helps progress on study of Mongolian history and many other related disciplines. Not only for the academic use, it is also beautiful and interesting to appreciate.