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Mongolia seeks $3 bi...
But I do appreciate and see the angles of Roy's postings to ...

Mongolia seeks $3 bi...
If the Mongolian government can easily raise capital from in...
By Threefold Minority

Mongolia seeks $3 bi...
Thanks for the response. Would like to hear from more on thi...

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    News from the Mongolian Buddhist community and beyond.
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    Articles on the current economic situation in Mongolia, business news and investment opportunities. From mining and oil to cashemere and finance.
  • Culture, Arts & History  ( 146 items )
    News on cultural events in Ulaanbaatar and other parts of Mongolia, like festivals, opera and ballet performances and much more. For more information see the Arts Council of Mongolia.
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    The latest news from Mongolia: General news on activities and events.
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    News about general health care and education in Mongolia with a special focus on implemented projects; institutions like hospitals, schools and government agencies.
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    Possibilities to work in Mongolia, or in Mongolia related fields. regular updates. For submitting a vacancy or anouncement: Contact Mongolia Web
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    The latest updates on Mongolia's booming mining industries. News on the investments, public opinion and legislation on the copper, gold and coal mining in Mongolia
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    The good and bad news on nature in Mongolia. The prestine nature of Mongolia is more and more under threat of the challenges of modernities.
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    Our reader's views on the news of today. Send your contributions here. Mongolia Web News reserves the right to not publish or abbreviate any submissions and assumes no responsibility regarding the content of the articles.

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    Updates on Mongolian Sport events, from traditional wrestling and horse races, to sumo competitions, camel and yak polo and the olympic games.
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    News from the grey building on the square and everything related. Current affairs at the State Ikh Khural (Parliament) , the Ministers and State Secretaries of the Cabinet and the President of Mongolia. Updates on political porties including the Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party, the Democratic Party and the Civil Will Party.

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Akira KAMIMURA, lecturer, faculty of Mongolian studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies launched an innovative website on old Mongolian manuscripts maps in cooperation with the state archive of Mongolia. It contains 16 precious maps which are stored at the state archive for academic use. The oldest map was estimated being made in 1803-1805.