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Mrs. Enkhbayar praised for Los Angeles visit PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 01 November 2007
ImageMongolian First Lady, Mrs. Tsolmon Onon Enkhbayar, is being praised for her visit to the Los Angeles UCLA campus on Monday.  

Speaking at the university’s faculty center on Monday, Mrs. Enkhbayar told a group of scholars and students that Mongolia, sitting between China and Russia, has managed to maintain its sovereignty “with special pride.” 

"In order to achieve development," she said, "Mongolia needs to learn from all of the experiences that democratic countries such as the United States have gone through."  

Traveling with the First Lady were Sanjbegziin Tumur-Ochir, Mongolian vice minister of education, and Mijiddorj Oyuun, wife of the Mongolian ambassador to the United States. Nicholas Entrikin, acting vice provost of international studies at UCLA, introduced the first lady and presented gifts to members of the party.

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